HELLO VIETNAM lekker en snel !

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17 dec 2020 om 16:59 They sell a very nice pho. It is getting more expensive but still worth it.
10 dec 2020 om 15:31 Heerlijk!!
19 feb 2020 om 14:18 The entire pho spilled in the bag of the delivery driver since it had not been adequately wrapped. The delivery driver was very apologetic though it was not his fault
7 jan 2020 om 22:22 Echt lekker!
5 jan 2020 om 19:35 Love every bit of it.
23 nov 2019 om 10:40 Food great as always. Delivery guy was apologising and was really nice, but the fact that if I did not call they would never deliver it because the app was apparently not working, that is something that you should let your clients be aware of.
15 nov 2019 om 13:55 Unfortunately the delivery was almost 30 minutes later than planned, however the food was amazing!
11 okt 2019 om 13:42 Bezorgtijd ruimschoots overtreden. Herhaaldelijk geprobeerd te bellen. bezorging 1.5 uur later ontvangen hevig teleurgesteld Opmerkingen om geen koriander in het eten genegeerd. Eten normaal goed maar bij mij smaakt het nu naar zeepsop...
27 jun 2019 om 14:08 We've placed an order at 10:22, to deliver to office at 11:45.Actual delivery time,however,was at 12:20 which was too late. No info of delay sent us and no one answered while we called them 3-4 times. Not suit for business occasion.
1 jun 2019 om 11:42 Great food and service!!!